Eliminating Export Subsidies for Inclusive Trade

IFPRI’s trade research has helped inform WTO member countries' decision to abolish export subsidies at WTO’s 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi in 2015. On September 27-29, 2016, IFPRI will continue to ensure that trade becomes more inclusive at the WTO Public Forum.

Rural Poor and Smallholders in Western China and Trade Liberalization

MOTIVATION China is a leading example of the opportunities global trade liberalization can offer developing countries and emerging economies. China has been a World Trade Organization (WTO) member since 2001, and while freeing up global trade has benefited the overall economy, certain groups of Chinese citizens—specifically those in low-income rural areas—have not enjoyed many of >> Read more

Cotton Prices and Poverty in Benin

When cotton prices drop in producing countries, rural poverty rates tend to increase.