IDRC: A Champion for Agriculture

Canada has long championed food security, nutrition, and sustainable and productive agriculture. Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) was one of IFPRI’s founding partners and provided its first grant of US$2 million in 1975. Today, this partnership between IFPRI and IDRC continues to contribute to innovations in agriculture. IDRC supported the CGIAR Research Program on >> Read more

Transformative Collaboration in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the poorest, most populous, and largest countries in Africa. It has suffered challenging conditions over the past several decades such as the 1984 drought combined with civil war that resulted in a catastrophic famine,

Agricultural Research that Fits Bangladesh

Matia Chowdhury, Minister of Agriculture, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, spoke on the partnership between IFPRI and the government of Bangladesh in reducing hunger.

Agriculture Research Proves Influential in Policymaking for USAID

“It was IFPRI that did so much work to make a visible, rigorous and convincing case that we had to continue to invest in agriculture and food security.” – Rob Bertram.

Gates Foundation: Supporting Trailblazing Research to End Hunger and Undernutrition

Ending hunger and undernutrition are critical to poverty reduction. In order to achieve these goals, policymakers and stakeholders must look to agriculture.

India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Helped Castes and Tribes

MOTIVATION The study aims to thoroughly evaluate the impacts of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), the largest public works project in the world.