Switzerland’s constitution pledges a commitment to “the relief of poverty and suffering in the world, respect for human rights and promotion of democracy, the peaceful co-existence between peoples, and the protection of the natural basis for life.” This commitment has led to the country to allocateing 0.5 percent of its gross national income to foreign aid in 2015, including funding research to advance sustainable growth. Because of Switzerland’s support, IFPRI’s research remains responsive and innovative in tackling the obstacles that stand in the way of food security and poverty alleviation. A notable result of this partnership is the development and launch of the Food Security Portal, which provides up-to-date country-level information on food policy developments.

To learn more about the partnership between IFPRI and Switzerland, please go to this brochure.

Open-Access Data: A Key to Sound Agricultural Policies and Investments

On September 15-16, 2016, the Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN) Summit will be held in New York. At the summit, IFPRI will be co-hosting a side-event called Precision Agriculture. IFPRI has been at the forefront of providing open-access data to improve policies.

Agriculture, Food Policy Research and Capacity Strengthening in Bhutan

In 2010, IFPRI in partnership with the Bhutanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, with support from the governments of Bhutan and Switzerland, developed a policy research and capacity strengthening program in the country.