Malawi Strategy Support Program

In Malawi, USAID and IFPRI launched the Malawi Strategy Support Program (MaSSP) in 2009 to collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in reaching the country’s agricultural, food security,  and  poverty reduction  goals. Challenges to  Soya  Export  Promotion, a recent examination of the soya export sector by MaSSP, motivated a review and current revision of the Control of Goods Act (expected to be finalized in 2017) to advance Malawi’s export activities. In 2014, MaSSP,  in partnership with the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, facilitated a national symposium that developed and presented recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture to  make the government’s Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) more efficient in helping transform agriculture in  Malawi.  Among the recommendations, the Malawi government took up two for adoption and announced the reforms to FISP in a press release in October 2016: increase farmer contributions and private-sector involvement in the distribution of farm input coupons.