Highlights of IFPRI and DFID Partnership

For more than 40 years, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has been providing cutting-edge research and policy options on food and nutrition security to partners in donor and recipient countries around the world. IFPRI’s partners in the United Kingdom have played an especially critical role, with the Department for International Development (DFID) serving as a generous and dependable donor and partner to IFPRI since 1984.

DFID’s support of IFPRI has led to substantial impacts on the ground. Through micronutrient-rich, biofortified crops, this support has enabled HarvestPlus to reach 20 million people, helping to improve their nutritional status and health. DFID’s support led to the Institute’s groundbreaking discovery that investing in the nutrition of young children has long-term positive health and economic impacts on their lives as adults. DFID’s support allowed IFPRI to furnish evidence that Ethiopia’s large social protection program was indeed helping at least 7 million people, and it supported the launch of the country’s first commodity exchange, providing farmers with critical market information. It also made possible the analysis of national agriculture and food security investment plans from 30 African countries, enabling them to secure more than half a billion US dollars to boost agricultural productivity and improve food and nutrition security among their populations.

IFPRI has done a lot to highlight the critical and potentially transformative role that women play in developing countries’ agricultural growth. In many ways, they have been thought leaders in research to understand the relationships between women and men in food and nutrition issues...[IFPRI is] at the heart of efforts to ensure that agriculture delivers for nutrition outcomes for women and children.

Tim Wheeler, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, DFID at IFPRI’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on November 18, 2015
These are just a few highlights of a longstanding and fruitful collaboration. IFPRI has long partnered with numerous other UK institutions, such as universities (key partners include the International Development Centre at Oxford University, Imperial College London, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and the University of Sussex); research organizations (Chatham House, Economic and Social Research Council, the Institute of Development Studies, International Growth Centre, and Overseas Development Institute); and others (such as the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation).
According to the investment priorities set forth by the 2016 DFID Research Review, the agency plans to continue its large-scale research investment into sustainable agriculture, nutrition and food security, and resilience to climate change in developing countries. IFPRI’s key strategic research areas, outlined in its 2013–2018 strategy, mirror these priorities.
This brochure highlights some of the key collaborations between IFPRI and DFID. If past achievements are any indication, this valued partnership will continue to provide evidence that can help reduce poverty and improve food security and nutrition for the world’s poor for many years to come.
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