Information Services and Analyses on Food and Nutrition Security


Photo Credit: USDA/1999


The food price crisis of 2007–2008 threatened global food security. The access of households to quality and nutritious food was especially at risk due to their diminished purchasing power. In an effort to assist the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General and the UN High-Level Task Force (HLTF) on the Global Food Security Crisis, GIZ supported IFPRI in delivering relevant information and cutting-edge analyses on food and nutrition policy actions.


IFPRI developed research-based briefs in response to the needs of the HLTF, the G20, G8, and other high-level initiatives. The briefs focused on four main themes: smallholder agriculture; current and potential roles of nongovernmental and civil society organizations; risk and vulnerability; and risk assessment of national and international policy responses.


  • IFPRI’s research on fertilizers at the global level and in Africa, which showed that increased competition could raise fertilizer use and rural incomes and offered ways to increase fertilizer uptake, contributed to the G20 and G8 meetings in 2012. In the 2012 G20 Mexico meeting report of agricultural vice ministers and deputies, actions 10 and 11 called on international and regional organizations to strengthen competition in the global fertilizer industry while promoting the sustainability of these inputs.
  • The research on food consumption and use challenged the belief that economic growth results in improvements in child nutrition and mortality, and it showed that targeted nutrition and health interventions are essential. The findings contributed to the establishment of the SUN Movement Secretariat and the inclusion of nutrition in the G8 agenda in 2013.

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