Evaluation of Ethiopia Agricultural Growth Program

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Since 2011, Ethiopia’s Agricultural Growth Program has sought to increase agricultural productivity and market access for key crop and livestock products, leveraging the potential of the productive highlands. In addition to stimulating growth, the program’s main goal is to trigger rural transformation that benefits the country’s poorest and hungriest people, who are typically pastoralists.

The program’s spillover benefits include increased demand for farm labor and nonagricultural products and services. Thus, communities outside of the program’s reach are still linked by it to expanding value chains and therefore benefit from lower food prices.



Upon request from the Ethiopian government and its development partners, ESSP is conducting an evaluation of the Agricultural Growth Program—a US$320 million program spanning five years and 83 woredas. A first-impact evaluation was finalized at the beginning of 2014 and presented to the government and donors. The evaluation helped to improve investment decisionmaking within this big program.